Last week I read the book “Tribes” by Seth Godin. In this book, Seth talks about leadership and Seth represents what leadership is and he argues that today everyone has an opportunity to start a movement and to be a leader. _

In this book, Seth introduces his thesis about what leadership is and why it’s every individual today can and should be a leader and start a movement.

Seth’s thesis talks First about that today everyone is expected to lead and the very structure of today’s workplace makes it much easier to change things, more than ever before, as a result, individuals today have more leverage than ever before.

Changing things is engaging, fun, and profitable. Third There’s a tribe of people waiting for you to connect them to one another and lead them where they want to go.

Seth's books in general really inspire me and make me think and ask better questions.

Here are the main notes I took from Tribes and the things I learned, thought about, and saw as the main ideas of the book.

All the lessons made me think and ask myself some questions, however, the first 3 are what I see as the main ideas of the book and that’s the reason they are bold.

1. Challenge the status quo

Leaders challenge the status quo, always, in their workplaces, industry, their religious life, and in every area of life they play.

2. Tribes are about faith, you gotta have faith, it’s a key for success.

Faith is the key to leadership and without faith, leadership can’t exercise. It’s true for every area of life and not just leadership if you just think about it for a moment. I’m not talking about religious faith, I’m talking about faith in yourself, in ideas, in people. If you’re going to take leadership you gotta have faith in what you do, in the idea, the people, and that you’re going to be successful. Faith is what will get you through challenging times.

3. Being a leader is a choice, no one is born to be a leader

4. Curiosity is an important skill for leadership

5. Don’t try to please everyone, it will never happen

6. Most people don’t matter, you are not most people

7. Change isn’t made by asking permission, it is made by asking forgiveness, later.

8. Leaders think and act like an underdog

9. Leaders see something others are ignoring and jump on it. They cause events that others will have to react to.

10. When you have a problem step one is to give the problem a name, step 2 is to realize you can make a change.

11. Leadership is doing what you believe in, pain for yourself a picture of the future, go there, people will follow.

12. At your Job when you try to make a change don’t start with your boss, start with your passionate individual colleagues.

13. Leaders are listeners

14. If you’re a business owner/ team leader the formula is simple (but hard to execute): Find leaders, then amplify their work, give them a platform, help them find followers, and see how things get better

15. Give people stories they can tell themselves.

People don’t listen to you, they listen to themselves only and what they tell to themselves so I should tell people stories they can tell to themselves if you want to lead them.

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