The Importance Advantages Of Email Marketing For Your Business

**Disclaimer: Im the last month i study growth marketing minidegree with and i post here articles about what i learned and about how i see things and marketing from my prespective. Last week i learned Email Marketing crushig course and i will sure my insights here across the next few articles i”ll publish**

The Importance and Advantages of Email Marketing for your business
Email marketing, probably one of the most underrated of not the most underrated marketing channels out there.

If you’re a business owner, however you a retail store, e-Commerce, startup, if you don’t use and invest in your email marketing you probably miss one of your best growth channels and leave a lot of money on the floor.

Let’s take a look of what Email marketing can be when it’s done the right way:
1. First it’s a channel which is 100% yours, when your only way to communicate with your audience is through social media or search engines, what’s gonna happen when they will lower your impressions? Shut down your page and ads account? Increase ads prices? It’s a little bit dangerous to have social media and Google as your only communication channel. With email marketing you have a channel owned 100% by you, you can say whatever you want, no one will block you.

2. It’s cheap. For every 1$ you spend on email marketing, you’re average return will be 38$. Yes, you red it right, 38$ return on 1$ You invest on average, it’s 38x return. Just to understand how cheap it is, of social media ads most businesses get 2–4x return on their investment.

3. It’s a great channel to form long term relationship with your audience and turn them form cold audience to warm audience who know who you’re, what your values are, what you stand for and identify with your brand.

4. It’s personalised — you can make your email marketing personalised if you want, in way you can’t in social media. This Personalization can help you build more intimate relationship with your audience and build closer relationship. It’s much easier to provide people more personalised content they are interested with email marketing than any other media channel, as a result your prospects get more value and feel more connected to your brand.

5. It enables you to take your prospect through a funnel and a journey and warm them and build meaningful deep relationship with them step by step
According to statista (2020) there are currently 3.9 billion email users and it will grow to 4.3 billion users by 2023. It means that almost anyone have an email, how many people have FB or LinkedIn accounts? Much less. Think about it, how many of your friends, cuolleges and family dosen’t have an active Email address? I bet very few. Most people use Email for communication at work and for personal life (receive bills, sign up for different accounts using Email, Studying).
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The meaning is that people are in their Email inboxes on a daily basis and it makes email marketing very effective channel. If you can get into people inboxes the chances people will read your content, gain value from it, and feel more connected to your brand are much bigger.

First you have when you make it to the inbox, you have much less competitors on people attention than any other channels. In social media it’s really hard to catch people attention and you don’t full control to who and when your content will show, in less than half a second people move to the next post or video if you don’t catch their attention. Same with search engines if you don’t own one of the first 2–3 results. Another thing you should remember it’s that in social media the user dosen’t have full control what posts the algorithm decide to show at the feed.

Important thing you should remember about email marketing it’s that if your email arrive to someone inbox it’s because he want you to be there, which means he have some interest in your product. The Email user have close to 100% control on what he receive to his inbox, so if he gave you his Email address he probably want you to be there, and if they want you there, most of them will open your Email and will engage with your content, in much higher rates than other media channels.

Your Email list it’s an asset, that if you manage right, can be worth respectful percentage of your business.

Summery — the advantages of Email marketing for growth:
* It’s cheap, on average x38 return.
* You own it, it’s an asset that enables you communicate with your audience.
* It’s personalised
* It’s automated
* Great channel for building deeper and more meaningful content for your *Audience Much less crowded and much less competitors on people attention.

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